dining_porchThere is no better or more enjoyable place than Manzano Mountain Retreat for family or group reunions. We not only offer terrific facilities, but our Events Coordinator* can help you create a perfect menu of events, activities, and food.

We can organize a mini-Olympics with fun and amusing events right down to a torchbearer running through the camp in a toga outfit. We can create wild and educational kid activities, organize field trips to nearby Indian ruins, transport groups to real small town rodeos, organize horse trail rides, invite Native American storytellers to our campfires and musicians to our dance hall. We can also “recruit” your groups into water balloon or tug-of-war armies. Our low and high ropes courses can create closer family or group ties through our team building exercises. You might think your group would love to lounge by the pool, but we can change all that!

*Events Coordinator can be hired for an extra charge.